The Zoo Project Ibiza

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The Zoo Project Ibiza

Hosted throughout the season at Benimussa Park, The Zoo Project has been a firm and unique staple in the Ibiza clubbing scene for over a decade. 2017 looks no different with the event happening every Saturday from 17th June to 23rd September, giving you plenty of opportunity to deliver your animal soul, wear fancy-dress and lose yourself in the diversity of musical options and activities.

As a day to evening party, The Zoo Project really embraces its theme in both the setting and its authentic additions, from a raving Seal pit, a tree-lined pool area where you’ll find many great and many questionable interpretations of zebra’s basking in the sun and there will also be an array of artistic performers, dancers and stalls that lie within the zoo’s walls.

Most revelers throw themselves into the full experience and get the body paints involved to transform them into whatever caged creature lies within. Pretty Intricate, a team of artists based in Playa d´en Bossa, could be the ones to get you ready to indulge in the animlastic antics.

Want to expand your Zoo experience? Get warmed up at the Zoo Project’s own boat party!

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